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Debt Diet

Okay, who's got debt? Raise your hand! *raising mine*

Because in two weeks I'm gonna be a wife, I know I cannot be a wife bringing all my credit card debt with me. What a burden I'll be for the Husband.

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So I browsed around and found myself this couple of things to help me pay my debt:

The obvious things:
Stop shopping until the next decade for the things (read: clothes, accessories, bags) that I literally already have for until the next decade
Sell my unused things (you know, those bags because IRL we only need one bag to live, right?)
The not so obvious things:
Read, starting doing what she said by noting down my expenses this FebruaryUse the help of to maintain my finance life in shape
Random Tips:
Start investing/saving (am still trying to figure out the difference)Reksadana (will have to read a lot, like A LOT, about it)Reksadana for dummies:…


Hi, everyone! Welcome to this blog. I am actually not a wife yet. I will be in two weeks. Gasp!

I am now busy preparing for the wedding day while I am still struggling to write my thesis to finish a graduate program. Consequently, I am happy but super cranky, like this cat.

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Anyway, in this blog you will find posts about what I am interested in. Right now I am selfish enough to be kinda interested in my own wedding. I am also interested in skincare, as I am acne prone (as reflected in the title of this blog) and I am trying hard to present a flawless face on my wedding day and marriage days.

See you soon,
Acne Prone Wife