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Made in Indonesia

Walking down a street in Deira area a couple months ago, we stumbled upon this little store that specializes in selling Indonesian hair care and body care products. Weird. There are not so many Indonesian people here.

So we went inside the store, talked to the store owner and asked his permission to take a couple of pictures. We were fascinated.

The store owner said that business is quite good. There are always people who come looking for Indonesian products.

I suddenly remember that I've been looking for hair tonic in numerous department stores in Dubai with no luck at all. They only have hair oil (sounds yuck). They do not have any knowledge of hair tonic at all. I should go visit this store again.

Rudy Hadisuwarno. Who in Indonesia doesn't know him?

Balsem Otot Geliga! Pegal Kembali Lega!
You can even see the POM number :))

The infamous Citra (or Citra Hand Body as we know it)

The store.

I also heard that Sharjah (a town next to Dubai) has Indomaret! When I go to Sharjah I will…