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The Plan

I am thinking that running out of town would be the best. Jakarta might be good. I know some friends there who want to help me. I can stay in one of their houses for a while before I find my own place. Or I can always stay in a hotel for a couple of days. I know a couple of affordable nice hotels. I also know some places where I can apply for work. I think I need to work if I want to live on my own.

But how do I explain myself to my friends? I cannot think of a scenario where I do not honestly tell them that I leave my hometown because I cannot live with him anymore. I have to be honest. They will understand. They've seen my eye covered in bruises when I went to that party last year in Jakarta.

No no no. Running to a town where I meet my friends will make it easy for him to be able to track me down. I might get caught fast.


Another option is to run away to my family's house in the same town. I can beg them to keep my hideout a secret. And even when he finds out, m…

The Automatic Recycle Bin

I fancy that there is a certain part in our brain that functions as an automatic recycle bin. Basically that part helps us to forget. I imagine that if we remember everything we touch, feel, see, hear, we would be so overwhelmed that we'd go crazy.

I even have this plot idea in my head for a fiction of a man who gets hit on his head and damages that automatic recycle bin. He remembers everything and soon become very brilliant and famous, but later goes lunatic. And everyone else thanks God that human can forget.

Bad plot. I know.

A film with a nobody-else-will-think-of-it plot about forgetting is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I highly recommend watching it if you haven't watched it again and again, and cried everytime watching it (hey, that's me).

Anyway, back to real life, I believe that the automatic recycle bin in my head has gone out of control lately. One afternoon I got a phone call from a bank customer service who explained that I left some hundred dollar b…

Promising a Reward for Myself

So I got myself some beauty supplements from my last trip to Kuala Lumpur a couple of months ago. I meant to sell them back in Indonesia to get some profit :D

Anyway, reading the brochures and actually having the supplements in my hands lured me to have them for myself. The thought of clear skin for an acne-prone wife is just too tempting, isn't it?

But I made it hard for myself. The supplements shall be a reward for me if I can finally realize my healthy diet resolution for a week:
Freshly squeezed lemon added to warm water each morningOnly fruit and/or milk until 10 amStrictly no krupuk (trying to avoid MSG here)Sambel should be only once a day  I got the idea of lemon juice and fruits for breakfast from Food Combining diet. Go google. The whole idea is very appealing, but I just cannot go beyond the breakfast. The menu for lunch and dinner are too frightening.

I started doing the resolution yesterday. So if I managed doing it for a week, you'll see me blogging about t…