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He's Got the Whole World (and My World) In His Hand

Inspired by In Touch Ministries' Daily Devotion that came into my email this morning (and also inspired by the problems that have been revolving around my life lately :p), I thought I'll write this as a reminder for myself, and for others, too.

Daniel 2:20-22 (NASB)
“Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever,
For wisdom and power belong to Him.
“It is He who changes the times and the epochs;
He removes kings and establishes kings;
He gives wisdom to wise men
And knowledge to men of understanding.
“It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things;
He knows what is in the darkness,
And the light dwells with Him. With ongoing world events, the future of this world appears to be in the hands of nations' rulers and government. But notice that the Lord is the one who “removes kings and establishes kings” (Dan. 2:21). So every leader is put into office not by the people, not by their power, not by their wicked schemes, but by the hand of God.

But how about the wicked lea…

I am not happy

I am not happy.

I wish I could say "just kidding" after I said I am not happy. But it's true I am not happy. Not all the time at least. I am happy when my son, Raven, is being sweet and showing off his good sides. But when he is being a threenager, I get upset and not happy. I am happy when my husband is all nice and loving, but when he snaps at me just a little bit, I feel unloved and not happy. I am happy when things go my way, but when challenges and troubles come, I panic and become not happy.

Sometimes I even turn unhappy when I see other people's social media feed. Why do they look so happy? Why is it not me? Even though I know the fact that social media feed is carefully selected by their owners to show what they want to the world to see, I still fall into the trap. *sigh*

So, this Good Friday morning, I remember the word joy and look up real quick in the google: happiness versus joy.

I do not immediately believe what that website says (because it says psychol…