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Gig Review: Eva De Roovere!

The husband went to a gig with me and enjoyed it! That's something because he usually gets bored whenever I drag him to a music--mostly classical--concert.

This one we went to last week was a gig performed by Eva De Roovere and Marc De Maeseneer, held by Yayasan Caraka Mulia, a center for Indonesian-Netherlands culture and language based in Surabaya. They are Belgian and the songs were in Dutch.

Before the gig, a Dutch guy from Yayasan Caraka Mulia creatively taught us a little bit of Dutch. Pretty interesting and we learned some Dutch words. By the way, all of the show was in Dutch. We didn't understand a thing :D

The gig was quite entertaining. Eva was on vocal, guitar, keyboard, and sometimes harmonica and some percussion. The songs, written by Eva, reminded me of Jewel Kilcher. I never had a lot of exposure to European pop music, so if I have to associate Eva's songs with what I've heard, I would say that they are country-ish. The chords were simple and easy-listen…

Thinking of moving out

For the past few months, my husband and I have been thinking of moving out of our parents' houses to our own place. We remember how fun it was when we were living at that small apartment. Just the two of us. We would be so happy, not that we are unhappy now, but I just know that it would be so exciting!

However, I started to do the math of living on our own, and boy it is not simple. Living on our own means a lot of expenses on our own. These are some that I can think of:

Monthly rent or mortgageNew furniture, if needed Water, electricity, gas billsGrocery shopping Only four but I believe the amount of money involved is not small, and the list can go on and on, especially if someday we have a child of our own.
Scary. But I believe moving to our own place is an essential step for our little family. Let's hope this year there'll be a way to start it.