Eleven Hours in Brunei

Between my flight from Surabaya to Dubai, I had an eleven-hour-layover in Bandar Sri Begawan, Brunei. It wasn't a lot of time but I managed to snap these few random things (click for bigger pictures):

How streets and building look in Bandar Sri Begawan

A traditional market by the river.
We can ride on the boat, but the smell of the river was too much.

The hotel where I stayed for a couple of hours.
I like the logo.

For lunch I went to a shabby food court next to the hotel.
The sign made me pay attention to where I stepped.

If you're not an Indonesian, you might not find this picture amusing.
Indome - ayam - telur
Indome - cornbeef
Indome - mata lembu
Indome - skramble

Bandar Sri Begawan airport.
Everyone in Gate 5 wanted to go to London. It seemed that I'm the only one heading to Dubai.

Interesting things I found about Brunei:
  1. The cars are very polite. They always stop when people want to cross the street. (Unlike in Surabaya/Indonesia)
  2. There are only 400,000 people living in Brunei.
  3. The students had holidays in March (2 weeks), June (2 weeks), September (2 weeks or a month, I cannot remember), December (a month), and during Ramadan. Oh wow.
  4. The currencies used there are Brunei Dollar (BND) and Singapore Dollar (SGD) but they don't accept the gold coins of SGD for a reason nobody seems to know.
Goodbye for now, dear Brunei!


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