My (Early) Impression of Dubai

It's tricky to define Dubai, and my definition might be too early because I've just been here for a month and a couple of days.

However, for sure, although Dubai is in Arabian peninsula, you will be disappointed if you look for Arabia world here. For one thing, 85% of the people here are expatriates (and most of them are India and Pakistani). Another thing, Dubai is like a showcase of its country UAE to display how modern and rich the country is.

In my humble opinion, the showcase is somewhat tacky and lots of times over the top.

"Literally" over the top, right? :D

You can browse the Internet and read the history of Dubai, but to make the story short, it was in around 1970 that Dubai started to build fast and tall. So it is like in the Arabian 1001 nights. This modern city was built "magically" overnight . No wonder not much ancient culture can be found here. But if you insist, you can still see such things (click for bigger picture):

Left: Traditional Dubai Water Taxi to travel between Deira and Bur Dubai.
Right: Traditional souk (market) in Deira.

I've tried the water taxi and I've been to the traditional souk. Going there in summer was a mistake. I got nothing but headache. Nothing Arabia, though, simply because everyone there was either an Indian or a Pakistani :D

If you google Dubai images you might get pictures of modern clean crisp city. However, for me, there is something wrong about the air. Perhaps because Dubai is a desert, the air is never clear. It is always somewhat dusty. At least in the summer. I might want to change my opinion when it's winter.

Do you see what I mean?
(click for bigger picture)

Dubai is a weird attractive city. I would say it is a seriously modern and rich place for the wealthiest people clashed with a dusty and hard but rewarding life for immigrants who scrape for a little bit of fortune. I'm still trying to find my place here, to see if I can love this city like other people do.

Trying to find some authentic Arab culture here? Err, try some place else.
Looking for a multinational city with skyscrapers, malls with every major fashion brand in the world? Here is the place ;)

What do you want to know in the next posts? The weather? The people? More big malls? The tourism sites? The transportation? Or maybe the life of labors here? Let me know *wink*

Note: All images are from Wikipedia.


  1. Dear Acne Prone Wife,

    I want to know about the socio-cultural thing about this over-the-top Dubai country...

    Would you like to give a bit detail on socio-cultural in your next post?

    Greetings to your unique and beloved husband.

  2. WOW!!!! you moved to dubai!! is it just you and your husband? any family?

    Well, I would like to learn about the people: behavior, interactions, culture, traditions, religion. etc etc

    And, what are you doing there, did you find a job?

  3. Tyo, let's see if I can write anything socio-cultural :D I mean, it's been only a month so I might be wrong. But, yeah, I'll try.

    Stacie! Yes, I moved to Dubai to be with my husband. He has already been here for 2 years. Just the two of us :) I found myself a job, worked for 5 days, and quit lol. I'll write about it in the next posts. Hopefully soon.

  4. Hi...
    ini pertama kalinya aku komen, salam kenal ya :)
    anyway, i want to read more about The people and the tourism sites... :)

  5. Hi AdeLheid, salam kenal :D Yeah, talking about the tourism sites will be interesting. Wait for the next posts.


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