Facial Review: Facial Ozon Herbal at Profira Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic

I love facial.

I like being massaged and touched and caressed. So I like to venture and try different clinics that offer spa and facial treatment, although I haven't been to as many clinics as I hope.

Let's see, in Surabaya so far I've tried Natasha, LBC, Amethyst, erha. I've always wanted to try Miracle but the facial treatment price is not within my budget. Then Profira opened. Because I've heard that it's opened by a doctor previously working in Miracle, I thought the quality will be on par with Miracle. And the price, too, so I never went there. Haha..

Until the day I saw this at groupon:

The link is here: http://groupon.co.id/voucher/surabaya/71966/up-to-52-percent-offfacial-ozon-herbal-chemical-peeling-at-profira
It is in my facial budget range, so why not? This is a good deal, or so I thought. So I bought two vouchers, one for me and one for my husband. It was quite easy to make the appointment, and I went there this noon with high hopes.

Profira Manyar, Surabaya

The place was very doctor-like, my husband commented when he stepped in. Indeed, the place was very clean and smelled fresh.

After registering and such and such, we were ushered to the second floor.

Sponge and such. All new.

The facial treatment included the following steps:
  1. The beautician showed that they are using new sterilized tools. Nice.
  2. The beautician used antiseptics on their hands, and gave some to my hands as well. I think it'd be useful in case I touch my face accidentally.
  3. Cleansing.
  4. Scrubbing and steaming and more thorough scrubbing.
  5. Massage. After the massage was over, I peeked through the clock and realize that only 15 minutes passed by from the first step. What a quick massage. *a little disappointed as I love massage*
  6. Blackhead/whitehead extraction. Only 10 minutes.
  7. High frequency treatment.
  8. Facial mask. 20 minutes.
  9. The last step: Anti-irritation cream and sunblock applied.
In total, 55 minutes passed by.

I was a bit disappointed. When I called to make the appointment, I asked how many hours will this facial ozon herbal treatment lasts. Profira said: 2 hours.

Yeah, 2 hours. And the husband and I only got 55 minutes. Perhaps it's because my face was not so dirty. But on my defense, I haven't been to any facial treatment since I was pregnant and now my son is three months old. That's one-no-facial-year. I know my face is horrible and rough to touch. And the husband's face, no matter how gorgeous and handsome he is *wink*, is no better than mine. He rides motorcycle everyday and he washes his face with Sabun Lux. LOL.

Okay, maybe that is not a problem. Quick facial is not a sin. I do not blame the clinic. Maybe the beauticians are very skilled, so they can finish the facial treatment well in a very limited amount of time. *sarcasm intended*

But here lies the real problem, in my opinion. Dear readers, please read the deal:

Btw, it's funny that the logo is the Naripan Hotel. LOL.

"Selain itu, Profira Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic juga menghadirkan Facial Ozon Herbal yaitu facial terbaru menggunakan bahan herbal yang mengandung azulen yang menyejukkan dan mendinginkan kulit. Facial ini dikombinasikan dengan penggunaan ozon spray untuk menyegarkan dan meningkatkan suplai oksigen untuk kulit."

I didn't get any ozone spray. I know what an ozone spray is like. I had facials with ozone sprays. And my husband didn't get it either. WE ARE NOT HAPPY.

I know some people will say something like: You bought a facial at a discounted price, don't expect the best. I cannot take that excuse. I bought a facial treatment valued Rp. 200,000 for Rp. 99,000. I know I should get a Rp. 200,000 valued facial treatment. And for the one who makes the offer, what is their purpose in the first place? I'm sure it's for marketing, so that people will get a taste of the clinic and be satisfied and come back later and be loyal customers. Not me. I'm not going back. Why do they treat new customers like this? They're throwing away potential customers, really.

Finally, here is my verdict on the Facial Ozon Herbal at Profira:

  • The clinic is very clean, fresh, and quite luxurious.
  • It's easy to make appointments (at my favorite clinic --Natasha, that is-- you have to queue, and it's a long queue, trust me).
  • New and sterilized tools (not at my favorite clinic).
  • Not the best place for me-time moment because the treatment ends fairly quickly. I don't even fall asleep. And if you know me, I fall asleep everywhere, even when I drive. LOL.
  • They don't deliver their promise. I really want to say that I feel cheated here. But people would say things like: "You should have asked." No, I don't bother to ask. I'm already disappointed.
  • Facial ozon herbal sounds so good, but really it feels like a very quick, standard facial treatment. 
  • I'm touching my nose as I'm typing right now, and boy, it still fells like a porcupine. Well, a little tame porcupine. Blackhead/whitehead still wins.
Coming back for any treatment at Profira? No.

As for the result of the facial for my acne, I'll see in a couple of days. Usually I assess the result of a facial treatment from how many pimples show up in the next days. A good facial treatment will not produce any new pimples. A poor facial treatment will produce a lot of new pimples. So, let's see.

By the way, if you are one of the 800 something people who bought this voucher, tell me, are you satisfied? Did you get the ozone spray? And if you bought the voucher but haven't used it yet, make sure you demand what you deserve to get.


  1. I almost bought this voucher. Thank you for sharing so that i won't lose my money.

  2. I've had a lot of horrible experiences using groupon disdus so i'm not ever surprised LOl. It's sad how brands and companies want to do promotions with this kind of deals but ended up backfiring on themselves because of the horrible service they gave, i always stress how important it is for customers to get the best services especially during promotions so we'll come back and even recommend the place-Now they'd get the "don't go there, it's bad!" Reputation instead. I did go to Profira for a sponsored facial and it was really thorough (it was probably more tha 2 hours long) but i gave a free treatment voucher from a competitor's clinic to my mum and she experienced a similar problem as you, she said they didn't touch 80% of her blackheads. Wow

  3. Mindy, exactly what I'm thinking! It's backfiring on themselves! How sad!
    Anyway, this post needs an update (will write it soon). I went to Profira once again and got a satisfying facial, with the ozone spray finally included.

    1. with or without voucher anyway?
      because the voucher is on sale again, and I want to buy it hahaha.


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