Customer Service WHAT?

Have you ever been disappointed by how a company/store serves customers? In the past I had some complaints about this and that, here and there. Especially in Dubai, everyone seems to have a bad temper. Store keepers are usually very snappy and rarely say thank you. I had disappointments, but never bitterness, until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to a branch of HSBC in Deira, Dubai to cash my hard-earned-first-ever check (from my first freelance job - I will talk more about that in another post).

That's the building. But I grabbed the image from here.

I walked in the big building, confused which counter to go, then asked the receptionist. The beautiful receptionist did not so much as look at me while answering my question with mumbled words. I grasped only a part of what she said, and decided to look for the counter myself.

I found the counter, got a queuing ticket. A man behind a counter was available and he called me. I showed him my check, and he mumbled something, pointing at the back of the check. I asked what, and he looked at me with that are-you-stupid-or-what look. And so on, and so on. And oh, he did all that while talking to his colleague, hardly paying any attention to me, his customer.

It was quick actually, and finally he kinda slammed my money at the counter, and said "Kalas, kalas" (which means finish), waving his hand to kinda shoo me away. I was so flabbergasted by how he treated me that I forgot to count the money (but it's correct, anyway).

Maybe it's just the culture here, but I could not help feeling hatred and bitterness. Luckily it's only for a while. The husband calmed me down and said that I shouldn't take it seriously.

No wonder Indonesian people are well known as being friendly. We ARE friendly, dear fellow Indonesians :)

And I have made a promise in my heart, that I shall always evaluate how I treat people. I shall not look down on other people, whoever they are.

Note: In fact, if you google "Dubai bad customer service" you will find lots of other instances.

To cheer things up, here is how Mr. Bean handles bad customer service :D


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