The Automatic Recycle Bin

I fancy that there is a certain part in our brain that functions as an automatic recycle bin. Basically that part helps us to forget. I imagine that if we remember everything we touch, feel, see, hear, we would be so overwhelmed that we'd go crazy.

I even have this plot idea in my head for a fiction of a man who gets hit on his head and damages that automatic recycle bin. He remembers everything and soon become very brilliant and famous, but later goes lunatic. And everyone else thanks God that human can forget.

Bad plot. I know.

A film with a nobody-else-will-think-of-it plot about forgetting is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I highly recommend watching it if you haven't watched it again and again, and cried everytime watching it (hey, that's me).

Anyway, back to real life, I believe that the automatic recycle bin in my head has gone out of control lately. One afternoon I got a phone call from a bank customer service who explained that I left some hundred dollar bills at the teller X_X. Apparently, I left them at the morning when I wanted to open a new bank account but decided to postpone it because my lunch break was over. I was pretty embarassed when I went back to the bank to collect the money, but very grateful that the bank people were so honest.

A couple of days later, I went to same bank to ask for a new online banking token (yeah, I could not locate where I put mine thanks to my automatic recycle bin). It was quick and easy, thank you. But when I went back to work, I realized that I did not have my bag with me! Before panic attacked, I calmed myself down with the thought that the bag must be in my car. And so I checked the parking lot just to find that the bag was not there.


Driving back to the bank and praying hard that the Lord would keep my bag safe (this is a possibly wrong prayer that needs another post of theological debate), I just could not understand how my mind worked. How could I leave the bank without my bag? How could I not realize?

Long story short, I got my bag back. The bank people, once again, were so honest and they kept my bag safe and sound. I wonder if they remembered me, though, as the girl who left this and that at their bank. If I leave another important thing there on my next visit, I'd be notorious.

Anyone has any tips to help me organize my memories better? Any thoughts are welcome. FYI, I use notebook agenda, mobile phone calendar, and outlook calendar. They help me manage my time and work. But they do not warn me when I leave my stuffs some place.

I need this perhaps.
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