Trying Spa at Amethyst Clinic

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So above is the advertisement that made me being one of the 259 people who bought the voucher. I bought the 3 times spa voucher because it's such a bargain, right?

I also find that the reservation, which can be done through SMS, is very cnnvenient. They help me find a suitable time that match my 3-hour free time, which can be very difficult to find.

So, let's see what they offer:
  • a 3-hour complete spa
  • massage
  • body scrub
  • body mask
  • hair wash
Now, what about my experience there? Was I satisfied and did I feel relaxed and pampered? Well, I have mixed feeling about this spa experience. For your information, I am not a spa avid. My experience of body treatment was only in a few traditional body treatment place or at times I have a beautician come to my house to give me body treatments.

The Clinic
Sadly, I did not have my camera with me, so let me just describe the clinic. Amethyst was a very clean doctor-feel clinic. It looked and smelled hygienic. Do not imagine exotic type of spa resort with traditional music and the fragrance of aromatherapy.

The Bed
The bed was covered with a plastic sheet. I should say that it was pretty uncovenient. The feeling of my whole body skin against the plastic sheet was quite unberable. Compared to batik or cotton cloth that other body treatment places use, I am not fond of the plastic sheet.

The Massage
Fortunately, the first procedure, which was the massage, was quite good. It was not superb or over the top, but it was relaxing. I've had worse massage. The therapist asked me a couple of times to make sure she gave me the appropriate massage pressure.

The Scrub
The therapist took quite a long time to do the scrub, and it was good because some body treatment places do this part very quickly. Well, I go get body treatments usually for this particular session because I do need help to slaughter my dead skin cells and dirts off my body :D

The Mask
I hate to say this, but I did not feel pampered at this stage. The mask was applied unevenly and super quick.

The Hair Wash
Okay. What hair wash? After the mask procedure, the therapist showed me the shower, along with the shampoo, conditioner, and soap. So I washed my hair myself. They did blow-half-dry my hair, though, when they saw me almost walking out of the clinic in wet hair.

The Products
They were so so, stored in plastic bags, and comparable to those of other affordable body treatment places. I felt quite moisturized after the treatment, but at the same level as when I put my Shea Butter Lotion on.

And all of them lasted 1.5 hours, which was a let down because they promise a 3-hour treatment. And to call it spa, when there is no water involved (does shower count?)...., they better call it a body treatment. If you read more about spa, you'll see that spa means water treatment and that spa all around the world is actually a kind of bathing in high quality water (natural or man-made). I know that people in Indonesia tend to simplify spa and mislabel any body treatment as spa. But at least most of them include a swirl pool, jacuzzi, or at least a bath tub with bath salt and flowers.

Anyway, for IDR79,666 per treatment, I would not complain. The massage and scrub was satisfying and relaxing. I just wish that they deliver their promise of a 3-hour treatment (which means I'll get more massage and scrubbing woohoo). But to pay the full price of IDR275,000 per treatment, I'll go someplace else.

If they ever offer an affordable voucher like this again, I might repurchase.

This is not a paid review. I purchased the voucher myself with my own earned money. I have mentioned the positive and negative things on my spa body treatment experience at Amethyst Clinic, so this is an honest review, hopefully seen as compliments and inputs for the clinic, and as information for other people.


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