Giveaway from Si Cantik Tanpa Bangkrut

Hello lovelies!

(Gayanya manggil lovelies kalo udah post soal cantik-cantikan haha)

There is a beauty giveaway from Si Cantik Tanpa Bangkrut because her blog is having its second anniversary :party: (I don't even know my blog's birth date haha). Go check it out:

I have been following her blog since I don't know when, and I like it because she shares how to be pretty on a budget. Fits my wallet, doesn't it? :D Maybe the thing that intrigue me to frequently check Mak Mada's blog is because I like to see her daring outfit and sexy makeup. Check her bold red lips here. I wish one day I had the courage to sport red lips like hers. Another thing is her straightforward, honest review, which all of us need from a beauty blog: honest reviews.

If there is anything to be improved in her blog, please put more pictures, and bigger pictures. I met Mak Mada in an online forum, so I never met her in person. If you ever come to Surabaya, let's meet up!

As for the giveaway, I'd be super happy to try Vichy Eau Thermale and compare it with my Evian Thermal Spray Water (which I don't find very useful)

This. I want.

Go visit her blog: (what a catchy name)
And go follow her twitter: @MadaFoe 


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