Write Down Your Dream (Just Kidding)

Write down your dream and it will happen.

Just kidding.

So six months ago I was thinking of moving out our parents' house, and I wrote it here. Who knows that last month the husband and I actually managed to buy a house--with some financial help from the family--. It is an old house and now we're renovating it.


So I wrote down my dream, and it happened. But I don't think they are cause and effect. I believe we managed to buy the house because God is willing to provide what we need. And because we know we need the house, we have made arrangement and careful budget to make it happen.

The process of finding the house opened our eyes that the search was led by God. We looked at a couple of houses and nearly made the purchase, but something always happened: the buyer of one house decided to cancel the deal, the certificates of another house was troublesome, etc. I almost gave up. But now when I look back, God "sabotaged" those houses because He had something better prepared for us.

There is nothing but gratitude in our hearts now. And we can't wait for the renovation to finish and actually move into that tiny beloved home.

Don't write your dream thinking that it will happen. Instead, commit your plans to the Lord, and figure out what He has in mind for you.


By the way, we are now debtors to a local bank, for 15 years. Oh yeah.


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