Using Up My Luck

Can we use up our luck, I wonder? (Before we go on, however, we have to believe first that there exists such thing called luck, which I find very handy in overcoming envy).

The thing is that sometimes we really, really want and need luck in a dire situation, and we do not get that much-needed luck. At another time, however, we can get very lucky when the situation does not call for such pot of gold by the end of the rainbow.

Yesterday I had myself checked at an obgyn to see if there is something wrong with my fertility. Because last year's check showed small infertile eggs and a chocolate cyst, I prayed for luck.

Before I got to know the result, an email popped on my yahoo mail (yes, I'm still using yahoo mail, and I promise I'll migrate everything to gmail soon). The email told me that I was the lucky winner of an Internet contest. I was very lucky, indeed. The contest only asked the participants to click on some celebrities. So there I was, the sole winner of clicking the face of some worldly idols.

Ooh, I got a bad feeling. If I was so lucky to win the contest, I'm afraid that I'll not be lucky in other things that day. One can never be so lucky in all things, right? Sure enough, later that evening, my USG result showed that I still got small, infertile eggs and a chocolate cyst.

So now I wonder. Have I used up my luck on that contest? Oh boy, how I long to be able to solve this enigma of how luck works. If only luck can be stored and used later like some magical items in RPGs. I'll save them all and use them wisely.

So, what about you? How has luck treated you?

If I had a good luck charm, it will be Yotsuba, this four-leaf-clover-head girl.
What? You never read Yostuba? Go read it already!


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