Raven's First Baby Spa at VITA Baby Bright, Surabaya [picture heavy]

Although my husband and I do not like shower so much, my baby Raven loves his bath time. On his first day at home (I think he was 3 days old then), we invited a nurse to teach us how to bathe a baby, and the nurse commented that Raven seemed to enjoy the process. And since then, we have observed that Raven always anticipates his bath time, and smiles and giggles. For a couple of days, he even always cried after bath time. I think he got upset because wet time is over.

By the way, Raven is my baby son, born near the end of 2014.
Raven, 4 months.
Current hobby: licking anything.

Anyway, because of that, I have been wanting to take my baby Raven to a baby spa. I was sure he was going to love being able to swim in a more spacious place, instead of just soaking in his little bath tub.

So, with my employee discount (oh, the perks of working in a school), I took Raven to have baby spa session in Vita Baby Bright.

Here are some pictures of the facility:

Pool for babies from the age of 0 month.

A closer look of the duck spa pool.
The spa bath tub for older kids.

The massage room.
So, what is actually a baby spa session? In Vita Baby Bright, the session consists of 20 minutes baby swimming and 40 minutes of baby massages. The therapist explains that baby swimming is very good for babies' motoric development and brain development as well, since babies learn through physical activities. And not to mention that the activity is fun for the babies!

The massage has many added benefits, including improving weight gain and giving the baby better sleep. Sleeping baby means sleeping mommy and daddy. And mommy and daddy need sleep! So we say yes to massage! Massage is good! :D

Only babies more than 6 kg can wear the neck ring.
The warm water is newly refilled for every baby.

Ready to splash into the water.

"I love water!"

I love it that the pool facade is transparent so we can actually see what the baby is doing.

You can also view the video at my Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/2morh4SKcq/

Unfortunately, after 10 minutes or so, Raven got cranky. The therapist suspected that he's tired already. Oh, well.

The auntie helped holding Raven while the therapist took off the neck ring.

After the swim, the therapist suggested that the baby needs to drink milk before we went on to the massage session. However, I didn't bring any bottle with expressed breast milk to feed Raven, so I had to breastfeed him. Unfortunately, it was the day when Raven rejected my breast (it had been going for a couple of days -- it's another story) so he did not want to nurse, and got even crankier :crying:

Raven did not want the massage
Luckily, the therapist is very nice and patient, so she suggested that I held Raven while she gave the massage.

We were both oily, but it kinda worked. Raven was more relaxed.

If I may give suggestions, I really hoped that when customers booked for the session, we were told some guidelines such as feeding the baby half an hour or an hour before the session, or the need to bring a bottle of milk. Overall, it was a very good baby spa experience for baby Raven! Thank you, VITA Baby Bright!
The baby is pleased.

VITA Baby Bright
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur II/8, Surabaya
"Second home for your little star" 
Enrichment Program. Gym&Ballet. Baby & Kids Spa. Little Star Shop. 
Contact: +6231 599 0477, 0851 0242 6777 
BB Pin: 24CF9977  
Website: http://vitababybright.com

Instagram: @vitababybright
Go follow their IG to check out their promo, or even just to look at pictures of cute children!

I wanted to say that this is unsponsored review, but the fact that I work in somehow the same institution, the fact that I got an employee discount for this, and the fact that I've never been to any other baby spa might make me a little biased. However, the institution did not ask me to write this review, and I've tried to write as honest as possible. 


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