An unexpectedly expected blessing

This is unexpectedly expected.

my 7-week baby bump
After I had my first baby at the end of 2014, I haven't used any birth control methods. The reason is because I have a PCO syndrome, so we chose to let chances of pregnancy open because it is not easy for me to get pregnant.

One evening of early July 2017 out of nowhere my husband asked me to do a pregnancy test. I was too comfortable at the thought that a second pregnancy is a fairy tale for me, so I was like, "What?" but I did it anyway the next morning. And those two stripes of red appeared.

Oh, wow.

Thank you, God.

I am now 8 week pregnant and boy, I did not remember having this morning all day (mild) sickness when I had my first child (but then again, my memory is not really reliable). My doctor was delighted when I complained to him. Nausea shows a good pregnancy, that's his motto. I'm trying not to complain a lot, anywho, because pregnancy is a blessings, isn't it :)

Well, now this is a chance to do some things that I wish I did, but did not,  in my first pregnancy:


In the first days after giving birth to my first child, I regretted so much that I was so lazy during the pregnancy. Don't talk about exercise, I was even lazy to move around. But nursing and taking care after a baby took so much energy, and I felt that my back was so stiff and I felt so much pain. I believe that if I had more regular exercises during pregnancy, postpartum would not hit me so hard. So yeah, hello stretching and mild HIIT (without almost  no jumping) three times a week!

Wear nicer clothes

I just have the urge to!

Take more pictures

I know I did not take enough baby bump pictures last time. I wish I did because now I realize that pregnancy does not happen all year long! It's a moment to cherish and remember. 

That is for now. I'm getting dizzy and sick looking at this screen for so long now.


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