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I Worry

I worry.

Worry is your heart goes boom boom boom because you are uncertain of things. It makes you want to take a peek into the future, so that you can anticipate things. Or curse things.

Your prayer is a prayer of worry and requests as if you don't believe that everything He plans is good. You pray to ask for things, and you forget to listen to Him.

Worry is not trusting. You know the Lord holds your future and that future is according to His good, but you just cannot wait. You just do not trust Him.

Worry is being attached to things. You cannot say "I have nothing to lose." Because you have many things.

I worry.

And He told me what to do, that I should learn to let go. It is not easy. But he made it easy, somehow, when my hard disk crashed. Goodbye One Piece, Batman, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and tons of movies. And when I didn't get the house(s) that I wanted, over and over. He said that he had something better in store for me. Warning: "better" for Him might…

Let's Continue Serving Alcohol!

Dato Sri Idris Jala, currently a minister in Malaysian government, shared this story in Eagles Leadership Conference. It was such a privilege to attend that conference, btw, considering that I am no leader. Anyway, Dato Sri Idris Jala was elected the CEO of Malaysian Airlines at that time. In the introduction of the new CEO, one of his staff asked this difficult question. Please keep in mind that almost all the crews of Malaysian Airlines are Moslem, while Dato Sri Idris Jala is not. So they kinda wanted to test him.
Staff: Almost all of us are Moslems. Malaysia is an Islam country. Why do we serve alcohol in our flight? I do not want a political answer. I do not want a business answer. I want a religious answer. Idris Jala: Before answering your question, I have two questions for you. First: Is God all-powerful? Staff: Yes, he is. He is all-powerful.  Idris Jala: Second: Is God holy? Does he hate sins? Staff: Yes, he is holy. He hates sins.  Idris Jala: So why do you think an all-pow…

Thesis Statement

For the past half an hour I've been typing and deleting words in this post. I wrote about how I don't get the hang of the too-overused jargon "be positive" and "positive thinking," about the uncle taxi driver that was so nice yesterday, about a spoiled brat that I know and how I'm trying not to be one. But it all went only for one paragraph. And I don't know what to write next. Hence the deletion.

Why am I doing this? Remind me.

O, I remember. Brilliant Yotenega wrote this invitation of random writing for 36 days on this post on FB. Everyone is welcomed.

It's embarrassing, but lately my posts are the posts that I submitted for contest. Forgive me for I've succumbed that low. So in this post let me analyze myself of why I don't write as much as I want to.

I guess my problem is that I love thesis statement very much. I stuck at one paragraph and cannot move on to the other because I just find no concept to write. (Not that if I do write on…

Managing My Daily Budget

Let me be honest. Being married is a whole lot more difficult than being single, at least for me. Life as my single self knew has ended. There are so many things to think about now: thinking of how meals can appear three times a day at our dining table, thinking of how our little crib in the in-laws' house can be kept clean and decent, thinking how to save money for future: we dream of our own little house, our future children's education, and our pension plan.
That's why I started to find solace in snooping on other women's sharing on forums and blogs. It's easier to see how other women/people cope with life than having to figure everything out by myself from scratch. One thing that concerns me the most is our finance. My husband and I are both employees with limited salary, and I thought our limited salary can bring us anywhere, but I was wrong. Thanks to financial planners’ blogs, newsletters and twitters, I found out I can do something.
A few months ago my bro…