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Loving Beyond Limits

I've been subscribing to this weekly newsletter for a couple of years, but does not read it regularly. I do not normally just copy paste information to this blog, but this newsletter edition is a gem that I want to remember and be reminded of.

If you're blessed, you know what to do. Go subscribe ;) 

Loving Beyond Limits Passage: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

"Love never fails." -- 1 Corinthians 13:8

Perhaps you’ve heard someone in a failed relationship say, “We always loved each other, but we just couldn’t get along.” They may have loved much, but they didn’t know how to love well.

First Corinthians 13 is great counsel on how to love well in marriage. Loving well is the most essential ingredient for even the most spiritual people.

For one thing, loving well brings music to our words (see verse 1). In times of trouble, we can be suspicious of the things our spouse says to us. If our actions don’t show love, words of love will only clang in our hearts. But loving behavi…

How Is Motherhood?

When my son was 2 weeks old, a friend asked me: "How is motherhood?" I told her a very short answer: "It was crazy," but I think the answer is not that simple; it needs a whole blog post to answer.

I am new to motherhood. Of course. As I'm writing this, my experience of motherhood is merely 16 days. But, oh man, I didn't sign up for this. Well, I did pray and beg for the Lord to give me a child, and He has been good. However, *sigh* the constant need of this one tiny creature baffles me. His life relies on me breastfeeding him, and he doesn't care if it's day or night. He just keeps asking for more milk.

Every time I look at him, I am frightened. I literally shudder with fright. My friends and family said that things will get better. But I cannot see the light at the end of this tunnel. I'm just trying to pass each day and night, but really, there is no passing each day. I realize that by the time morning hits, the same scenario is played all ov…

Raven's First Baby Spa at VITA Baby Bright, Surabaya [picture heavy]

Although my husband and I do not like shower so much, my baby Raven loves his bath time. On his first day at home (I think he was 3 days old then), we invited a nurse to teach us how to bathe a baby, and the nurse commented that Raven seemed to enjoy the process. And since then, we have observed that Raven always anticipates his bath time, and smiles and giggles. For a couple of days, he even always cried after bath time. I think he got upset because wet time is over.

By the way, Raven is my baby son, born near the end of 2014.

Anyway, because of that, I have been wanting to take my baby Raven to a baby spa. I was sure he was going to love being able to swim in a more spacious place, instead of just soaking in his little bath tub.

So, with my employee discount (oh, the perks of working in a school), I took Raven to have baby spa session in Vita Baby Bright.

Here are some pictures of the facility:

So, what is actually a baby spa session? In Vita Baby Bright, the session consists of 2…

Bakso B2 Jl. Polisi Istimewa Surabaya [Makan Ngemper Review]

Peringatan: Maaf, postingan kali ini mengandung makanan yang haram menurut agama tertentu, yaitu sapi pendek alias B2.
Yang tidak mau membaca silahkan klik tombol x di pojok kanan atas.
Yang malah penasaran membaca, hati-hati ngiler. You've been warned.

Mari kita mulai review Makan Ngemper.

Setiap kali lewat Jl. Polisi Istimewa bersama Pak Suami, dia selalu menunjuk satu penjual makanan kaki lima yang sama dan bilang, "Ayo kapan-kapan kamu aku ajak makan di sana. Bakso babi tuh." Begitu sering Pak Suami melemparkan janji ajakan makan bakso babi ini tanpa segera merealisasikannya, sehingga rasa lapar penasaran saya menumpuk makin tinggi.

Akhirnya setelah suatu hari saya berkata, "Ayo kita makan bakso babi. Jangan janji melulu!" merapatlah kami ke penjaja kaki lima yang berjudul "Bakso B2" ini. Letaknya di Jl. Polisi Istimewa, di depan Gereja Katedral Hati Kudus Yesus dan SMA St. Louis 1.

Waktu itu siang hari dan saya sedang hamil besar. Cuaca panas sek…

Facial Review: Facial Ozon Herbal at Profira Aesthetic & Anti Aging Clinic

I love facial.

I like being massaged and touched and caressed. So I like to venture and try different clinics that offer spa and facial treatment, although I haven't been to as many clinics as I hope.

Let's see, in Surabaya so far I've tried Natasha, LBC, Amethyst, erha. I've always wanted to try Miracle but the facial treatment price is not within my budget. Then Profira opened. Because I've heard that it's opened by a doctor previously working in Miracle, I thought the quality will be on par with Miracle. And the price, too, so I never went there. Haha..

Until the day I saw this at groupon:

It is in my facial budget range, so why not? This is a good deal, or so I thought. So I bought two vouchers, one for me and one for my husband. It was quite easy to make the appointment, and I went there this noon with high hopes.

The place was very doctor-like, my husband commented when he stepped in. Indeed, the place was very clean and smelled fresh.

After registering a…

Golden Rule? Bullshit.

Golden Rule yang diajarkan Tuhan Yesus itu bullshit.

Kata Yesus sih, "Segala sesuatu yang kamu kehendaki supaya orang perbuat kepadamu, perbuatlah demikian juga kepada mereka. Itulah isi seluruh hukum Taurat dan kitab para nabi."

Mantap sekali. Seluruh hukum Taurat dan kitab para nabi ribuan tahun dirangkum dalam 2 hukum, dan salah satunya adalah Golden Rule itu.

Tapi saya kecewa ketika mencobanya, ketika berusaha mencoba meningkatkan kualitas salah satu relasi saya dengan seseorang. Karena merasa tidak dihargai dan ingin dihargai, saya menghargai dia. Karena sedih sering ditegur ketika berbuat salah, saya tidak menegur dia meskipun saya melihat kesalahannya. Karena ingin mendapatkan pengakuan dan support atas kerja keras yang telah saya lakukan, saya berusaha memujinya setiap ada kesempatan. Karena ingin diajak berkomunikasi dengan baik, saya selalu berusaha berkomunikasi dengan sejelas-jelasnya. Karena ini dan itu, saya ini dan itu.

Dan saya lelah. Karena ternyata saya tid…