Big Dogs Don't Bark

I've been on a translation project these couple of months. The book that I'm translating is a guide book to teach characters for at-risk teenagers. It was an interesting book, full of life skills that even adults need.

A couple of chapters talk about anger management issues, and I felt like the book is speaking a lot of truths about anger. Some of them are:
  1. Anger often is an expression that hides other strong emotion, such as fear, shame, embarrassment, or frustration. We use anger to protect ourselves from pain or humiliation. Unfortunately, often that results in causing pain and humiliating the people closest to us.
  2. Being around angry people is difficult. And it causes us to be angry people, too. 
Oh, the book lists some things to do when you're around an angry person, such as keep treating him/her with kindness, be patient, giving soft answers, accepting that you cannot control the person's anger. I think only saints can do these things. LOL.

And there are some choices you can make:
  • Give the person time to control his anger, and try to stay calm yourself.
  • Walk away from the situation, especially if physical or emotional abuse is involved.
Anger itself is an emotion that is not necessarily negative. What makes it negative is how we react to the anger inside us. Our action to respond to the anger inside can be very negative, and destructive. Luckily, anger can be controlled. That's why there are the so-called anger management skills.

See, not only teenagers need to learn the skills in this book. I am sure adults need them, too. Whether you are an angry person or you live with an angry person, it is a difficult and frustrating situation. The angry person and the ones affected are usually robbed of their good self image and self worth. Nobody wants that.

By the way, if you are an angry person, pay attention to this meme.

They do not need to.
Hari kedua. #nulisrandom2017.


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