2014 Resolution Theme: Be Frugal!

So, finally, I came up with a New Year's Resolution. It is 22 days late, but they say it's better to be late than never, right?

Because the purchase of the new house have made me poor having to save enough money each month to pay for the mortgage, I decide that this year's resolution theme is: BE FRUGAL.

There is, of course, a lot of ways to be frugal, but for now I'll post this one resolution: This year I'll have to hit pans. Hopefully I will not buy more makeup and skincare thingy because I'll have to focus on hitting pans. 

Here are the first items that I promise to use religiously everyday.  

1. Clarins White Plus Sea Lily Enriched SPF 20 PA+++
2. Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 34 PA+++ in a too big Etude casing
3. Milani Power Blush in Luminous (the dupe of NARS O)
4. Oriflame Tender Care in Almond (the only thing I'd buy from Oriflame)
(You can see how important sunscreen is for me. Btw, SPF protects us from UVB, while PA protects us from UVA, and +++ is the strongest now available.)

I think the most difficult item to hit pan is the blush. But I'll just have to try!

Now, this picture of body butters below is not a result of impulsive buying, trust me. They are all gifts. But how would a girl hit pan of so many body butters? (And I don't like the sticky feeling they give!) I really want to finish all these because I want to try Natur-E body lotion.

Solution: All the girls in my office use these together!

My skin is so sticky rich from all these sticky body butters.
Well, wish me all the determination I need. I'll post again if this mission succeeds ;)


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