I Worry

I worry.

Worry is your heart goes boom boom boom because you are uncertain of things. It makes you want to take a peek into the future, so that you can anticipate things. Or curse things.

Your prayer is a prayer of worry and requests as if you don't believe that everything He plans is good. You pray to ask for things, and you forget to listen to Him.

Worry is not trusting. You know the Lord holds your future and that future is according to His good, but you just cannot wait. You just do not trust Him.

Worry is being attached to things. You cannot say "I have nothing to lose." Because you have many things.

I worry.

And He told me what to do, that I should learn to let go. It is not easy. But he made it easy, somehow, when my hard disk crashed. Goodbye One Piece, Batman, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and tons of movies. And when I didn't get the house(s) that I wanted, over and over. He said that he had something better in store for me. Warning: "better" for Him might mean no house, or more hard disks crashing.

When I am constantly being reminded that I have nothing, I learn to let go.

I learn to let go.

I wish someday I could let go of things as easy as letting go doves and balloons.

--Fanni Leets--
#day 3 of 36 random writing challenge


  1. "Worry" is all about the stuffs I did when I were alone. And now, after all of those things in the past, I learned to forgive and let go. Whoever meant to be with me, will stay. And whoever God has chosen not to, will never stay. Just walk with faith. Walk with a big faith like David. :)
    A loud but caring lady


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