Managing My Daily Budget

Let me be honest. Being married is a whole lot more difficult than being single, at least for me. Life as my single self knew has ended. There are so many things to think about now: thinking of how meals can appear three times a day at our dining table, thinking of how our little crib in the in-laws' house can be kept clean and decent, thinking how to save money for future: we dream of our own little house, our future children's education, and our pension plan.

That's why I started to find solace in snooping on other women's sharing on forums and blogs. It's easier to see how other women/people cope with life than having to figure everything out by myself from scratch. One thing that concerns me the most is our finance. My husband and I are both employees with limited salary, and I thought our limited salary can bring us anywhere, but I was wrong. Thanks to financial planners’ blogs, newsletters and twitters, I found out I can do something.

A few months ago my brother introduced me to (I don’t remember why, I think it’s one of her friends works there or something) and I found it interesting because the articles there are suitable for women and people who just start to have financial awareness, like me!. 

Here is how I basically manage our monthly salary, after setting aside tithing: 

Picture is from here
  1. The first thing to do is to INVEST first. I invest my money in Reksadana and sometimes gold. Beware: Before you invest, take time to really read and learn first about investment. It is worth it. LiveOlive is a good place to start learning about money management and investment. Read this link and tell me you’re not intriqued to invest! 4 Alasan Mengapa Wanita Sebaiknya Berinvestasi
  2. Then, I put aside money to build my Dana Darurat. My mistake was putting money in investments and not building Dana Darurat, because I thought money in Dana Darurat will not grow. Oh, how I wish I knew how important Dana Darurat is. Now that I need to pay for my first house’s down payment, I cannot sell my Reksadana and gold because their prices are decreasing so low these days. If only I had Dana Darurat, things will be easier. Read about the importance of Dana Darurat here.
  3. After feeling secure because all the savings and investments have been set aside, I plan my expense based on budget. I have both weekly expense budget and monthly expense budget. You can take a peek at what expense budget you should have here. They even have a Budgeting Tool! This makes it so much easier to spend money everyday.
Well, ladies, if you want to have your finance prepared for the future while still living a good life now, what are you waiting for? You just need to plan it, and LiveOlive can be your partner.

You can ”Like” their Facebook Fanpage, or you can “Follow” their tweets: If you have Google+, “Follow” them here: And they have a YouTube Channel!


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