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For the past half an hour I've been typing and deleting words in this post. I wrote about how I don't get the hang of the too-overused jargon "be positive" and "positive thinking," about the uncle taxi driver that was so nice yesterday, about a spoiled brat that I know and how I'm trying not to be one. But it all went only for one paragraph. And I don't know what to write next. Hence the deletion.

Why am I doing this? Remind me.

O, I remember. Brilliant Yotenega wrote this invitation of random writing for 36 days on this post on FB. Everyone is welcomed.

It's embarrassing, but lately my posts are the posts that I submitted for contest. Forgive me for I've succumbed that low. So in this post let me analyze myself of why I don't write as much as I want to.

I guess my problem is that I love thesis statement very much. I stuck at one paragraph and cannot move on to the other because I just find no concept to write. (Not that if I do write one finished post it will have a strong concept). A concept, defined in a thesis statement, helps to elaborate writing. It gives me focus on what I want to write.

Now I sound like a teacher trying to shove in how to write an essay for my students. Pardon me.

It is not that I don't have concept or focus that I want to write. Everyday ideas are all around, and sometimes those ideas knock on my head and I give them permission to enter. The problem is that I don't immediately write them down somewhere, and they're gone. Ideas are peculiar. If we don't hold on to them (as in write them down), they just decide to leave us. Weird, it's as if they're alive. I have to learn from my ultimate favorite writer of all time, Roald Dahl, who wrote his ideas immediately when they come.

Psst, go check out this for writing tips by Roald Dahl:, which are basically these:
  1. Capture every idea (in a notebook, or mobile devices to make it time-relevant)
  2. Create a place to work
  3. Create a routine
  4. and bla bla bla until number 6
One of most favorite pages from Roald Dahl and the brilliant illustrator, Quentin Blake.
This is an excerpt from The Twits. A must read.

Well, see you in the next thirty something days until the end of August.

--Fanni Leets--
#day 1 of 36 random writing challenge


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